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Contact: Paul Eyking
Address: 289 Millville Highway Millville, NS, B1Y 2E1
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Phone: 902-223-8648
About Us
At Eyking Farms, this ideal of producing fresh vegetables in an environment that nurtures both high quality products – and a rural way of life – is alive and well. From their breathtakingly beautiful 200 acre farm in Millville, Cape Breton, Eyking Farms has been growing vegetables for wholesale markets in Atlantic Canada for more than four generations

The story begins in Holland in the 1950’s, where John. S. Eyking Senior and his wife Jeanne, the founders of Eyking Farms, grew up learning traditional European farming methods. These methods stressed the importance of working in harmony with the land and the environment – and with family and the surrounding community – to produce horticultural products of unsurpassed quality.
Locally produced for more than 60 years.