Lilac Farm
Contact: Tanja Welz
Address: 4198 West Bay Rd. West Bay, NS, B0E 3K0
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Phone: 902-345-0644
About Us
We are dedicated to produce the best meat in the best environment for our Mangalitsa pigs.
They are in forest and grass land all year. Our pigs have wide open space to allow them to dig for grubs, being social and play. They don’t get any vaccinations or hormones, they are as natural as they come. All minerals they need comes from the ground, and we rotate them through the pastures.
The meat has up to 16% less saturated fatty acids and up to 10% more unsaturated fatty acids. It is high in beneficial minerals including zinc, copper, iron and antioxidants. All combined makes Mangalitsa pork far healthier to eat than standard white pork. Surprisingly it also has a good cholesterol content, which helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the human body.