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Thyme for Ewe Farm
Contact: Estelle Levangie
Address: 784 King Grove Rd. Millville, NS, B1Y 2E9
Phone: 902-565-4697
About Us
Thyme for Ewe Farm is a diversified small scale farm located in Millville. Tim and Estelle Levangie took over in 2010 a run-down plant nursery business, starting with dairy sheep but quickly turning over to pastured poultry and pigs. They are now raising their 3 young sons working full time on the farm, and added some cows to the herd. They still grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in their certified organic market garden along with ginger in their greenhouses.

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Our animals are free ranging on pasture and are allowed to show their natural behavior. No hormone or antibiotics are used. Pigs and chickens are fed Non-GMO feed, and the cows are raised on grass only.
All vegetables and herbs are certified organic by Ecocert and we make sure to feed our soils so that our products are rich in nutrients and vitamins so you can get the best nutrition from them.