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Skye Glen Creamery
Contact: Matt & Meghan Brosens
Address: 1080 East Skye Glen Road Inverness , NS,
Phone: 902-623-0972
About Us
We are a family run farm and Creamery milking around 45 cows, around 100 total cows in East Skye Glen, Nova Scotia.
My husband and I own and operate our farm and Creamery together with our daughters, Sophie (grade 2, 7) and Heidi (grade 1, 6).
Our milking herd consists of all Jersey cows, also known as the component queen. "A glass of Jersey milk has on average 18% more protein, 29% more milkfat and 20% more calcium. It is also especially rich in vitamins" (Jersey Canada,
In order to keep our milk and cheese delicious our cows are the top priority of our operation, happy cows = delicious milk.