All Green Organics
Contact: Paul and Sherry Finney
Address: 280 Church Rd. Little Bras d'Or, NS, B1Y 3A1
Email Address:
Phone: 902-736-9899
About Us
All Green Organic Farm is operated in Little Bras d'Or by Paul and Sherry Finney. Only organic compost is used on our beds. We practice companion planting to control pests naturally, and we regularly practice the use crop rotation and cover crops. Organic residues and nutrients produced on the farm are recycled back to the soil. Cover crops and composted manure are used to maintain soil organic matter and fertility.

We grow a variety of greens, herbs, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, edible flowers, and potatoes. Kale, however, is our biggest crop and we look forward to offering it through the CB Food Hub as it's available.