Galloping Cows
Contact: Joanne Schmidt
Address: 59 Justin Rd. Port Hood, NS, B0E 2W0
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Phone: 902-787-3484
About Us
Once upon a time, a young girl started to daydream as she stirred a pot of simmering strawberry preserves. She dreamed about fields of ripe blueberries and sprigs of fresh mint. She dreamed about crisp red peppers and spicy jalapeno. She began trying out recipes for zesty jellies and delicious sauces on all six of her brothers and sisters. And before too long, she met a man who had a few food dreams of his own.

Joanne and Ron Schmidt turned their dreams into reality in 1994 when they founded Galloping Cows Fine Foods. They started out small, selling their delightful sauces and preserves around their home base in Nova Scotia, Canada. Years of hard work and dedication have transformed Galloping Cows from a small country market to the darling of fine foods retailers across the country. From their home kitchen nestled in the seaside town of Port Hood, in the Cape Breton Highlands, the Schmidts have perfected their unique and inspiring flavours. And true to their farming roots, they use only the freshest, ripest fruits.