Black Bird Retreat
Contact: Brian Poletz/ Michelle Aikman
Address: 308 West side Middle river Rd. Baddeck, NS, B0E 1B0
Email Address:
Phone: 902-295-0343
About Us
Blackbird Retreat is a farm located in Middle River, Victoria County. We grow mainly garlic for purchase, but occasionally our large and very diverse veg garden has crops that are way too abundant for our own use. Other crops we plan to sell are apples, hops, and flowers. Besides gardening, we have goats and sheep and chickens. We sometimes sell free range eggs and when possible, make goat cheese for our own consumption. Preserves, we do that too, a lot. We, Brian Poletz and Michelle Aikman, are also artists that make clothes, and wooden art. Our farm also hosts visitors in our rental accommodations and we hope to start doing wellness retreats and bicycle or hiking tours in the near future.